Adobe Shockwave Player 12 Free Download

Adobe Shockwave Player 12
Adobe Shockwave Player 12

Adobe Shockwave player 12 was as of late discharged from Adobe. Shockwave player 12 is an intense multimedia playback. Simply download shockwave player free for windows xp, windows vista, windows 7 and windows 8. Adobe shockwave player bolster your web programs to play streak based media like amusements, promotions, shockwave based sites and some more. Adobe shockwave player underpins web voyager, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Apple Safari web programs. Apple has created numerous different items for windows like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash player and numerous different items. It works like Java for Windows.

There are two adaptations of Adobe shockwave player slip and full forms. The full form of Adobe Shockwave has around 15 MB of size and the thin form is just 7 MB. Adobe Shockwave player 12 is accessible on three stages, for example, Windows, Macintosh OSX and Macintosh PPC. There are several thousands elements are incorporated into Adobe Shockwave player 12. Adobe improves it step by step to give more magnificent elements to the clients.

Adobe Shockwave player 12 gives you guide access to online substance, for example, diversions, notices, showcasing presentations and amusement through your most loved web program. In the wake of introducing Adobe Shockwave player 12 you are empower to access to 3D stunning amusements on the web. There are many applications that are required Adobe Shockwave player 12 to introduce before running them. Adobe Shockwave player 12 is the best way to open substance made with Adobe Director and Director MX 2004.

Adobe Shockwave Player 12 Platform support

Adobe Shockwave Player 12 is available as a plug-in for both Mac OS and Windows for most of its history. However, there was a notable break in support for the Macintosh between January 2006 (when Apple Inc. released Apple–Intel transition based on the Intel Core Duo) and March 2008 (when Adobe Systems released Shockwave 12, the first version to run natively on Intel Macs).

Unlike Flash Player, Shockwave Player is not at all available for Linux or Solaris despite intense lobbying efforts. However, the Shockwave Player can be installed on Linux with CrossOver or by running a Windows version of a supported browser in Wine (with varying degrees of success). It is also possible to use Shockwave in the native Linux version of FireFox by using the Pipelight plugin, which is based on a modified version of Wine.

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System Requirements:

Pentium III 600 MHz or later
Microsoft Windows XP or later
Internet Explorer 6 or later
256 MB of RAM
50 MB hard disk space

Application Details

Size: 15 MB
License: Freeware
Developer: Adobe