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google earth 7.1
google earth 7.1
Google earth 7.1 makes you enable to fly over the Earth from anyplace, at whatever time and any stage. Google Earth incorporates some extra elements and instruments, for example, pictures from satellite, 3D houses, top notch maps and numerous different places right from everywhere throughout the earth. This application of Google is totally free form for any stage and accessible as free download in logged off standalone installer adaptation. Fundamentally Google earth 7.1 is guide that incorporates topographical data about the world globe. Its coordinates satellite pictures, 3D photography, scope and longitude data and other geological data. It gives two forms the first has freeware permit and the second one is Google earth Pro accessible just for business reason that requires (399$ every year).
Google earth is the most instructive programming for the most part utilized by understudies, research masters and researchers. It permits enhancing instructive and proficient work right from your home. A few people need to have visit in the sky, Mars planet, under the sea. So they can utilize Google earth to finish their visit without extending time and cash. A few people needs to have a voyage to all nations of the world so they can undoubtedly peruse the avenues, street, spots, structures and more with Google earth from any accessible stage with no expense. Google has additionally other instructive and learning ventures like Google Chrome, Google Toolbars, Google Picasa and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Leading Software:

Google Earth 7.1 is a standout amongst the most prevalent and driving programming among its rivals. There are boundless clients from all around the globe. Google Earth can give you HD pictures of boulevards, structures, streets, sky, sea, water, damages, moon, houses and numerous more places. These intense and propelled elements are not any more accessible in whatever other geological programming from its rivals.

Google Earth 7.1 Satellite Images:

Google Earth has extensive variety of satellite pictures that are caught from NASA and other related offices. Satellite pictures incorporate pictures from wherever around the world. Every one of these pictures are accessible for instructive purposes and assets. Every one of the positions of entire circles are prepared to appear in Google Earth.

3D Images:

There are part of 3D pictures exist in Google Earth that are all copyright by NASA and Google Earth. These pictures incorporates streets, roads, structures, houses, authentic spots, open spots, grounds, parks, streams, transportation, urban communities, acclaimed spots and others. These pictures are accessible for you in 360 degree level.

Find Places:

Google Earth 7.1 is the best programming that gives you get to and data about any nation, place, destination including definite scope and longitude data. This topographical data permits you to go to your destination effortlessly and access.

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Planet Mars:

NASA gives its research and work to Google Earth and it includes 3D images and provides 360 views of Mars including with tours and information details. The Mars planet was introduced in Google Earth 5.0 to improve the research level of scientists and students. There are high resolution panoramas are available to view Mars planet from your doorstep.

Ocean and Water:

Google Earth presents this component in Google Earth 7.1 adaptation 5.0 interestingly than any time in recent memory. This element gives you access in the underneath of the surface of sea. You have 3D perspective of everything inside water. The zoom in and zoom out component is likewise accessible to center anything effectively. A few spots in sea accessible in up to 100 meters access inside the sea to see the world under world.

Details of Sky:

Google Earth 7.1 gives you get to and perspective of cosmic systems that are going in their circles. Every one of the insights about cosmic systems and their circles incorporates into Google Earth to enhance the information and examination of understudies, educators, researchers and experts.

Historical Images:

There are lot of historical places exists in most of the countries in the world. Google Earth has kept the historical record of every place. You can immediately find any historical place right from all over the world. Google Earth provides you the way to compare the past images with the present ones.

Street to Street View:

Google Earth allows you to easily view streets from any place through any platform. Google Earth has 3D pictures of street to street including with roads, cars, trees, buildings and roads. You can easily find your targeted place easily with some minutes through Google Earth 7.1.


  • Windows (XP, 7, Vista, 8)
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Macintosh
  • Web
  • Blackberry Storm
  • Symbian
  • IOS (iPhone, iPad)

Application Details

Size: 16.63
Version: 7.1.2
License: Freeware
Platform: Windows
Developer: Google Earth