Free Download Apple iTunes 11 for Windows

apple itunes 11
apple itunes 11

Apple iTunes is a free application used to sort out the substance of iPhone, iPod and iPad. iTunes is accessible for nothing download for windows including 32-bit and 64-bit situations. iTunes is likewise accessible for MAC clients to sort out their removable gadgets with iTunes for MAC. Apple iTunes is the best mixed media player, playlist coordinator, applications supervisor, music library, TV appears and motion picture exhibition to play mixed media content effortlessly. iTunes can play a wide range of sound and video sight and sound records with impeccable encoding speed. iTunes can match up all the substance between iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV with your windows PC or MAC device.iTunes is straightforward and quick application that rapidly synchronous the information between iOS to windows PC or MAC gadget. iTunes underpins all working framework dispatches of Microsoft including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000. iTunes permits you to make your most loved music play rundown and add your most loved music accumulation to the rundown. iTunes is anything but difficult to utilize programming since it has straightforward client improved design so client can without much of a stretch work the capacities and components of iTunes. iTunes is the most well known arrival of Apple that has already discharged Apple Safari web program for Windows. iTunes gives you the entrance to most recent discharged music and video collections, radio stations, films and most prevalent utilizations of iOS.

Apple iTunes Radio:

iTunes has its incorporated radio podcasts used to recorded online music and live projects through channels. iTunes gives you the boundless radio channels through iTunes radio. You can without much of a stretch change channel or redo the volume of music. The tracks are live on all day, every day. There are many spilling channels are live 24 hours a day. These will plays most recent gathering of music unfailingly. It for fear that you to make your most loved channels and spare them effectively. Every one of these channels are under My Stations in iTunes radio.

Apple iTunes Store:

iTunes store is the world’s ideal and most mainstream store that incorporates boundless applications, music accumulation, late collections, TV appears and Movies. You can undoubtedly make a record on iTunes and get immediate access to iTunes Store with straightforward and simple strides. iTunes gives all of you these accumulation to download that are free and buy that are not free.

iTunes Player:

iTunes player presented to all the music, motion pictures, TV appears and recordings gathering at one spot. This is called iTunes music player. It gives you highlight to import music, films and TV indicates accumulation into iTunes music player from CD/DVD or Blu-Ray circles. iTunes music player is completely adjustable in light of the fact that you can spare, make, alter or erase anything from your most loved playlists. All the music collections and other sight and sound gathering were appeared under the music player of iTunes.


Apple iTunes gives a smart element that gives you the immediate access to those music collections, applications, motion pictures and TV indicates specifically from your iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple TV. You can buy anything from iTunes store and after buy it will spares consequently into your gadget through iCloud. iCloud recalls the position of where you exited the playing of podcasts and sound music or viewing a motion picture. Later it recalls the position of playing your most loved collection; it gives you to keep playing highlight from where you cleared out the playing.

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Supported Devices:

Apple iTunes supports all the devices released from Apple. iTunes can easily connect to your device and sync everything between PC/MAC and Apple device. These devices are genuine products of Apple that are very famous around the world. These Apple devices are:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod
  • Apple TV

iTunes Movies:

iTunes has includes a wide range of movies collection from romance, action, horror, thriller, funny and other categories movies in iTunes movies store. You can easily download HD movies up to 1080P wide screen after purchasing. These are up to 65000 movies are in the list of Apple iTunes.

Music Library:

iTunes has an extensive variety of music gathering from everywhere throughout the world. The music accumulation incorporates all the later and more established arrivals of collections in iTunes store. Subsequent to downloading or obtaining the music content the substance will naturally include iTunes music library. The music library is completely adaptable and customized. You can make your most loved playlist and include the coveted music accumulation into playlist. You can likewise sort out the playlist with including, erasing, climbing or down and different elements with iTunes music library.

Data Sync:

iTunes can sync data to PC or MAC device from your iPhone, iPod or iPad device easily. iTunes can import the music, movies, apps and other collection from your device. You can also copy data from personal computer or Macintosh device to your Apple device easily.

Application Details

Version: 11.1.0
License: Freeware
Developer: Apple

iTunes 11.1.0 (32-bit)

Size: 91.98 MB

iTunes 11.1.0 (64-bit)

Size: 92.67 MB