CCleaner 4.05 for Windows Free Download

ccleaner 4.05
ccleaner 4.05
CCleaner 4.05 finally release its standard version 4.05.4250 from piriform and prepared for nothing download in Windows stage. CCleaner is a professional apparatus works like a specialist that considerations your PC windows. CCleaner permits you to clean all sort of brief records inside windows drive. CCleaner permits you to naturally investigate first before cleaning brief document from your C:\ drive. CCleaner 4.05 is amazingly simple to utilize software that will cleans all temp documents with expansion of erasing out of date registry keys. These temp records and unusable registry keys will make your windows moderate while running any operation. Windows may be degenerate with these two major issues.
CCleaner gives you the 100% flawlessness to expel these two issues from your windows to make it as quick as could reasonably be expected. CCleaner incorporates different operational apparatuses that give additional high components to its client. CCleaner is the most simple and most capable device different component instrument. It works superior to any of its rivals. CCleaner additionally called as free framework improvement and security cleaning instrument. This can expel all sort of web traveler treats, provisional records, unused or undesirable documents, awful registry passages, web documents, log documents and numerous other data like these.
CCleaner 4.05 previously called crap cleaner that implies it ought to evacuate any additional and unusable records from your portable PC, journal or desktop PC. This operation will diminish the beginning and closing down time of windows. In ccleaner rendition 4.05 there is a registry cleaning support included for Windows 8 and Windows 8 Professional version with expansion of both 32-bit & 64-bit. It makes your windows speedier to play out each operation rapidly to spare client time.

CCleaner 4.05 Supported Web Browsers:

CCleaner 4.05 support for many web browsers.

Internet Explorer:

CCleaner supports Microsoft internet explorer for removing temp, log and cookies file from your internet explorer history. This will also include index.dat file, auto complete form history and super cookies. CCleaner includes support for internet explorer 10 in its latest version.

Mozilla Firefox:

CCleaner also support Mozilla Firefox for removing website history, downloading history, log files, cookies & super cookies and recent form filling history.

Google Chrome:

CCleaner integrates support for Google Chrome latest version 30. It can clean your Google Chrome history, logs, form completion history, cookies, downloading history and super cookies etc.


CCleaner has integrated support for Opera web browser. It can clean all of temp files, auto complete form, recent and older downloading history and many more.

Apple Safari:

CCleaner can clean your Apple Safari web browser cookies, site & downloading history, form filling and saved password, log files and temporary files.
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Performing Operations in Windows:

CCleaner perform some unique operations under windows stage. It bolsters all kind of windows, for example, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The backing of 32-bit and 64-bit is additionally included for each window. CCleaner cleans late went by reports, log documents, interim records, reuse container records, clipboard, DNS store documents, memory dump records, chkdsk parts, prefetch data and some more.

Cleaning Registry:

CCleaner 4.05 can also clean your registry editorial manager to expel all unused or undesirable passages. This will make your PC windows working speedier. These sections are symbols, easy routes, records, application roots, text styles, expansions, terrible passages and numerous others.

Supported Applications:

CCleaner 4.05 supports a wide range of applications and software. These are Nero, Microsoft Office, Windows Media Player, Google toolbar, WinRAR, Adobe Acrobat Reader, WinZIP and many other supported apps.

Application Details

Size: 4.24 MB
Version: 4.05.4250
License: Freeware
Developer: Piriform