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Winzip is a quick, little size, simple to utilize, simple to work and oversee and most experienced programming used to pack information as most ideal as. This is a best compressor instrument used to pack and concentrate the information. WinZip is the world’s number 1 decision when working with huge records – compress, unfasten, email and secret word ensure your vital information documents.
Winzip also underpins the record move and customise highlight to pack the information more solid. It gives just about 60% of information compacting yet it relies on upon the record sorts. The video and picture record sorts are not compacted as correlation with the product and applications Winzips bolsters numerous well known documenting document designs that are right now utilised as a part of the universe of IT.
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Winzip gives secret key encryption to secure client information however much as could be expected. Winzip is utilized to part the information into some comparative parts that are effectively transfer and download on the server to spare the time. Winzip is accessible for Windows, Mac and Mobile to Zip Files and Unzip Files splendidly.

Supported Winzip archive features

  • 128- and 256-bit key AES encryption in addition to the less secure PKZIP 2.0 encryption method used in earlier versions. The AES implementation, using Brian Gladman’s code, was FIPS-197 certified, on March 27, 2003. However, Central Directory Encryption feature is not supported.
  • Beginning with WinZip 9.0, ZIP64 archives are supported, eliminating both the maximum limit of 65,535 members for single archive and the 4-gibibyte size limit on either the archive and each member file.
  • Support of additional compression methods: bzip2 (9.0), PPMd (10.0), WavPack (11.0), LZMA (12.0), JPEG (12.0).
  • Unicode support to ensure international characters are displayed for filenames in a Zip file. (WinZip prior to 11.2 does not support Unicode characters in filenames. Attempting to add these files to an archive results in the error message “Warning: Could not open for reading: …”)

Application Details:

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Version: 1.65
License: Free to use